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  KARMIC MEDIA INC My Successful Company delivers new media solutions to small and large race teams alike.... fast. Our rates are reasonable and our staff boasts years of media experience.

With John also being a National class racer with years of throwing himself up the road you know you are dealing with an accident waitng to happen (Joke).
Call us today for a FREE resume and some wicked ideas on how to promote your racing.
  Company Headquarters:
John Mc Comisky
Karmic Media Inc.
64 Moray Drive
West Lothian

Hi and welcome to Kamic Media, we are Scotlands only professional motorsport media service. Our founder John Mc Comisky writes for a variety of publications with Grey Bike International (Used Bike Guide) being his prime freelace publication, adding to the former will be articles in Streefighters and some coverage in Bikesport News .

John has written articles on some of the countries leading racers including Steve Hislop, Callumn Ramsey, Ian Simpson and Tony Scott Racing and a series will be available soon for your reading pleasure.
His racing career started with a road going TZR250 Yamaha which was prepared and ridden up to a sunny Knockhill for an auspicious debut....yeah you guessed it last and lapped by the entire field.
As the years rolled on the results got steadily worse...I mean better and eventually he managed to claim top ten slots in Modstock and Supersport 250 racing. The 250 KRIS was owned by Scotlands leading bodywork provider Ron Thomson and to get the stock Quack in front of some Aprilias and RGV's was a real result.

Career highlight has to be a bizzare 8th place at the world famous Dundrod street circuit racing a TZ 250 Yamaha.

Other machines raced include a G50 Matchless and GSXR400RRSP.

NEWS FOR Y2K!!!!!!!!.

Following discussions with long term sponsor and friend Ron Thomson (Scot-fibres), John will contest the Scottish Championship Supersport 250cc class on the heavily modified KR1s Kawasaki.

The new machine sports TSR Honda bodywork as supplied to Team Vimto and a revamped paint job courtesy of Bike Paints. The machine will give John his first outing of the year at the challenging East Fortune venue and hopes are high of a couple of decent results over the weekend.

It has also come to the notice that some of Karmic Media's articles are being used illegally on the net, this problem will be resolved very soon and the culprits dealt with accordingly.

On a brighter note my photographic colleague Harvey Thomson is at present keeping the world informed of Scottish racing in the fab new publication of Bikesport news, I personally wish him very well in this venture.

As Harvey says " Once there is a lull in the season he may be able to provide some pictures for the site, but again we are awaiting a lull in the proceedings"


This was the first visit to East Fortune on a modern bike for 3 seasons and my first practice proved how rusty my racing really is. Things were made all that more difficult after a few delays with riders Ross Fullerton and Martin Jowett crashing out at the re-surfaced hairpin.

After practice and a check over with long suffering personal sponsor Rocket Ron Thomson we formed up for the first 250cc race. If I could have raced worse then that would have been a bonus!!!!!, the pack just cleared off and I pushed the field from the rear, I only caught and passed one of the RGV's once a couple of riders crashed out and had the race red flagged.

In leg 2 I managed to get the Kawa off the line and in front of a few Suzis for the first few corners, only I was blasted by on the straight and found myself trying in vain to cling to the seat hump of the last remaining KR1S, all was well until the dude chucked it up the road just in front of me, I gather he is none the worse for it,. I just kept plodding on until the flag but again was the proverbial backmarker.

The third leg was cancelled due to lack of time and the kawa was sadly put to bed.

I must thank Scotfibres for all the support over the years and wish them well when young Angus Thomson gets out on the track with the RS125. There is a bit of debating wether the 14 year old should be out racing....obviously this is not Italy then.


Just when I thought my world was caving in along comes 400 supremo Bob Grant with the offer of an NC30 for the new 400 series, the bike will be provided through Hunters M/c's in Newcastle and a full press release will follow with the next update. I can only thank the above for recognizing the publicity potential that Karmic Media provide and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.
Additional help has come from Hillwood Landscapes (Callumn Close) and the irrepressible Harvey Thomson who was a major player in the whole deal....thanks again lads and see ya out there soon.


Featuring in all Knockhill programmes from this weekend will be a web directory, it is free to enter your own or favourite site just send us an on dudes.


After an initial discussion with Gary Pinchin of Classic Racer, Karmic media will cover the Bob Mac meeting at EF, the articvle will feature race report, results and hopefully some photos.

WEB THANKS TO: Patrick Mc Cann, Torquil Paterson for directory replies.

We will also soon be setting up a photo library with Harvey T's photos on display.

If you wish to add to our race site drop us an e-mail...okay.

Till the next time on the dark side of Knockhill

Keeep it real & respec !!!!@##**